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History of The Château Loire


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The Chapel

Gueldouin lived out his remaining years in Pontlevoy.  The Abbey chapel was created after Gueldouin prayed to the Virgin Mary for her saving grace The Chapelduring a storm on the Mediterranean Sea.  According to legend, she appeared and calmed the tempest, allowing for his safe return.  In gratitude for the Virgin Mary's help, Gueldouin dedicated a church to her in 1034, naming it Notre Dame des Blanches (Our Lady of White) and dedicated a plot of land to a group of Benedictine monks.  This act thus founded the Abbey.

During the twelfth and thirteenth centuries, the Abbey gained international recognition as a Benedictine monastery.  However, after several wars brought havoc to the Abbey, the monks’ plans to construct a cathedral were never fully realized and the Abbey’s renowned library was destroyed by fire.


The Abbey

The AbbeyThe Abbey became a religious and academic haven once again during the sixteenth century under the leadership of Cardinal Richelieu.  In the eighteenth century, Louis XVI established his prestigious Royal Military College at the Abbey, thus continuing the Abbey’s educational legacy.  However, warfare altered the Abbey’s progress once again.  It became an American first aid center during WWI and survived WWII after German soldiers set fire to it.



The Present day AbbeyDespite experiencing numerous wars, several fires, and multiple leaders, the Abbey has overcome adversity and maintained its status as an internationally renowned center for education.  In 2001, an American entrepreneur purchased the Abbey, began historical renovations of its buildings, and established The Château Loire. Today, the Abbey continues to be an international school of thought promoting education and cross-cultural initiatives.

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